Making a claim for your taxi accident injury compensation has never been made more straight forward and simpler than it is now. Simply complete the enquiry form below and click submit. Once we receive your inquiry, we will take over from there and begin to process your claim for compensation.

We offer a professional Taxi Accident Claims service in Scotland. This can be dealt with over the phone, or by filling in our online form. It is important that you claim within three years of your taxi accident, after this time you won’t be eligible to claim. As a taxi driver you will need to provide details of your accounts, via your solicitor, so that we can make a claim against loss of income. When you use our Taxi Accident Claims service in Scotland, we may be able to claim for a replacement taxi, make a taxi accident injury claim for yourself as a driver or passenger, loss of earnings and additional travel costs. Once you contact us, we can assist you with making your claim.

If you have been involved in a taxi accident, then we can help you with our Taxi Accident Claim service in Scotland.

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It is important to note that even if you were partially responsible for the taxi accident that resulted in injury to yourself and damage to your vehicle, that you are still eligible for compensation. If the taxi accident was solely due to the other driver, then of course, you will be able to make a taxi accident claim. As a driver, if you were partly responsible for the accident, then your amount of compensation will be reduced based on liability. If you are a passenger in a taxi accident, that was partly due to the driver of your vehicle, then you can make a full compensation claim against the vehicle’s insurance provider, for any injuries that you have sustained. Contact us today to see if you can make a claim for compensation.


Unfortunately taxi accidents are a frequent occurrence and a part of life, they are usually caused as a result of another drivers negligence, distraction, drink driving, or any other reason that causes them to collide into your vehicle, in some cases it could be due to bad weather and/or road conditions.

Taxi accidents can cause severe injuries to anyone involved in the accident, that could be the driver, a passenger, pedestrians, or even a cyclist.

Claiming compensation will help you get back on the road to recovery faster, as we can help with private physiotherapy, recovery of your vehicle, safe storage of your vehicle, arranging all the vehicle repairs including furnishing you with a free like for like hire vehicle delivered to your door.

The first step is to contact us for a free initial assessment of your claim, this is to make sure that you understand the process clearly and know exactly what to expect after a claim has been made on your behalf.

We will advise you how much compensation you could expect to receive and the how long the process will take.

Our expert and dedicated team will look into the evidence and every aspect of your car accident case, such as injuries to yourself, or your passengers, damage to your vehicle, rehabilitation costs and much more. So even if you think you could be partially responsible for the accident, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To find out more about Taxi Accident Claims in Scotland, please give us a call today or fill out our online form.

So call now on 0141 280 1112 for your free no obligation, No Win-No Fee consultation.

After speaking to one of our taxi accident injury claims specialists we will put you through to one of our expert solicitors, they will discuss the claim further with you and will answer any questions you may have, the No Win No fee agreement will be explained to you in simple terms and your claim will then be set up. Your solicitor will then make contact with the at fault insurance company and initiate the claim. The solicitor will keep you updated throughout the claim process until the claim has been settled and you are satisfied with the outcome.


  • Contact our Professional Compensation Advisors

    Simply complete the enquiry form.

  • We will examine your case

    Our Professional Compensation Advisor will call you to discuss the case thoroughly and advise you if you have a claim for compensation to pursue.

  • Dealing with the 3rd Party Insurers

    Your case handler will deal will all the legalities, phone calls and discussions with the at fault party on your behalf, taking away all your stress.

  • Your Maximum Compensation

    Throughout the case we will fight your corner to make sure you receive maximum compensation for your personal injuries.

  • You Receive Your Money

    We send you your cheque for your personal injury compensation


According to Scottish Law, you have 3 years in which to intimate a claim with the at fault party, we advise the claim should be intimated as soon as possible.

If a child under the age of 16 is involved in a taxi road traffic accident, they usually have 3 years to make claim following their 16th birthday.


Every case is different, there are a number of factors that affect the time it takes to settle a taxi accident injury claim, a few are mentioned below :

The circumstances of the accident

Whether the identity of the third party is known

How long it takes to gather all medical evidence

The type and length of injuries sustained

Whether the at fault party accepts liability


After reporting the accident to your insurer they may refer you to a law firm of their choice, please note you are not under any legal obligation to use your own insurer and are free to make your own choice, it is your lawful right to make your own enquiries on who you wish to represent you.  They may even charge you a voluntary and compulsory excess before identifying who was to blame for the accident, in some cases this could be as much as a thousand pounds! If you decide to claim with us we will not ask you to pay a penny towards your excess, we will deal with all insurance companies concerned on your behalf.

The law firm your insurance company refer you to will charge you a success fee and will on most cases fast track your claim, this can result in a poor compensation settlement, the success fee will also be deducted from the final value of the claim. In some cases insurers may even make you an offer of compensation without you even attending a medical examination! This saves them costs on professional fees, and in most cases what you receive in compensation is not an accurate valuation of your claim.

Unlike some other firms all our solicitors are actual solicitors and not legal executives, your expert solicitor representing you will be local to yourself, you can meet them, and ask any questions you like.

Ask your insurer if their nominated solicitors can do that!


If your taxi accident took place within the last three years, wasn’t your fault and you suffered injury as a result of it then we can help you make a successful claim for compensation.


In general, the more severe your injury and length of suffering, the higher amount of compensation you can expect to receive, this is partly due to the affect it would have had on your lifestyle, social life, work, and in some cases personal relationships. But don’t worry we are here to support and assist you, to get the right help at the right time, this would include private physiotherapists, and professional medical experts.


General damages is the amount awarded for the pain and suffering following an accident, in Scotland this is known as Solatium, interestingly the word Solatium is derived from Latin. Please refer to the Personal Injury Calculator below to see the level of compensation you could expect to receive for Solatium.


If you have been involved in a taxi accident and suffered injury, you may have to take time off work to help with your recovery, unfortunately in some cases this could lead to a loss or a reduction in wages and/or loss of overtime, in turn this could lead to financial hardship and have an effect on your quality of life, we can help you recover all your loss of earnings from the at fault party as this is your legal right, even if the at fault party was your employer.


In the event of a non-fault taxi accident, your insurer may peruse you to pay your excess, as you did not cause the accident you are not required to pay this, claiming with Hamilton Douglas Legal, you will not be required to pay your excess, we will liaise with the at fault party and take care of that for you.


At no cost to yourself we can provide you with a like for like taxi, fully plated and insured, what’s more we can deliver the taxi to you within 24 hours, we usually provide replacement taxis within 4 hours. You may use the replacement taxi while your taxi is being repaired, in the event of your taxi being a total loss you will be offered the market value of your taxi at that time, you can continue using the replacement taxi until you have received full payment for your vehicle. All our replacement taxis are registered with the local council, plated, and fully insured. All the costs associated above will be recovered directly from the at fault party.


As we have a national network of insurance approved repairers, we can arrange for your taxi to be repaired by an insurance approved garage local to yourself, if you prefer to use your own garage then that is also possible. You can also request to receive a cash in lieu payment for the damage to your vehicle and take care of the repairs yourself.

If you would like to speak to one of our personal injury taxi claims specialists please give us a call, we would love to speak to you, or alternatively you can request a call back at a time convenient to yourself using our online call back service.


We understand what you are going through, which is why we have expert taxi solicitors on our panel, to secure you the maximum amount of compensation, in the shortest possible time, along with all private treatment.

We have one of the largest panel of solicitors, covering the whole of Scotland and ready to assist you in making a No Win No Fee claim, if your claim is unsuccessful you don’t pay us a penny.

Get in touch today on 0141 2801112 to speak to one of our legal advisors, who will be happy to assist you in making a claim, alternatively fill out our short enquiry form, or “Make a Claim” section on the homepage.


We have years of experience dealing with taxi accident claims, which has given us the knowledge that we need to successfully win your case. Our team will gather all of the evidence needed, provide you with best private medical experts, and secure the maximum amount of compensation, we will handle the process from the beginning to the end, keeping you informed every step of the way.


If you, or someone know has been in a taxi accident, contact us right away on 0141 2801112.

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  • Contact our Professional Compensation Advisors

    Simply complete the enquiry form and submit

  • We will examine your case

    Our Professional Compensation Advisor will call you to discuss the case thoroughly and advise you if you have a claim for compensation to pursue.

  • Dealing with the 3rd Party Insurers

    We will take the pain out of your claim. Your case handler will deal will all the legalities, phone calls and discussions with the at fault party on your behalf, taking away all your stress.

  • Your Maximum Compensation

    Throughout the case we will fight your corner to make sure you receive maximum compensation for your personal injuries.

  • You Receive Your Money

    We send you your cheque for your personal injury compensation

Charles Chamberlain

My experience with H.D Partnership was excellent. The process was straight forward trouble free. Thank you

Charles ChamberlainRoad Traffic Accident
Anna Cambell

A big thank you to all at Hamilton Douglas for your efforts. Thankfully I was awarded £3850.00 for my injuries sustained as a result of an accident at work. I am very pleased with the outcome and will highly recommend your firm.

Anna CambellAccident at Work

Impeccable service and very friendly staff. I was awarded a figure more than I expected and I am very grateful to the staff that made it happen. Thank you

ShamusTrip/Slip Accident
Angela McFay

I was left with a broken arm after an accident at the Ice Rink. After the operation on my arm I should have been received physiotherapy within 10 days. Unfortunately this did not happen and as result I ended up with an extremely stiff shoulder. I am please to say after contacting H.D Partnership I was awarded £5650.00 for the medical negligence and I could not be more grateful. Thank you.

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